Cuticle Oil – Papaya Pie


We all love our hands and nails to look smooth and well maintained and believe it or not, it is the one area of the body, that we can keep maintained quickly every day.

We all know that time isn’t always on our side for all of the beauty treatments and routines that we enjoy, but taking care of your hands and nails can be done everyday “on the go”.

Step One:-

Pop one of our gorgeous cuticle oils in your bag, it’s only 15 ml in size, so it will fit in virtually every handbag or pocket.  During the day when you are on the bus, waiting in a queue or just enjoying a coffee, just pop a drop of cuticle oil on each nail and massage.

And Voila !  The mixture of valuable oils and horsetail extract will smooth and regenerate your nails, making them stronger and healthier.

Step Two:-

Leave a Nacomi Hand Cream at the side of your bed and just before you pop under the covers, lash some cream on your hands and massage in.  It’ll take approx 30 seconds, but it will be well worth it when you see how smooth and moisturised your hands are in the morning.

Nacomi Cuticle Oil – Size:  15 ml – Price: € 6.00

Nacomi Hand Cream – Size: 85 ml – Price € 12.60


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