Natural Scalp Care Mask

Nacomi Natural Scalp Care Mask

Natural Scalp Care Mask – 4 Extracts & 4 Oils

Ok, today we will enlighten you on how to deal with an irritated scalp, or suffer thinning or hair loss.

Irritated Scalp

If you often suffer from an irritated scalp where you just can’t stop scratching your head, then don’t worry, we hear ya, it’s awful, uncomfortable and embarrassing….. but worry not, Nacomi Scalp Care Mask will come to your rescue !!!

This condition is so common in both men and women, but it needn’t be a problem any longer.  Nacomi’s Scalp Care Mask, uses the many benefits of a unique blend of Nettle Extract, Horsetail Extract, Fenugreek Extract, Ginger Extract, Argan Oil, Black Seed Oil, Tamanu Oil and Castor Oil, to help soothe your scalp and relieve you of those itchy symptoms.

Hair Loss

If you suffer from thinning hair or hair loss, then Nacomi Scalp Care Mask will be your new super duper friend !!!

Along with the other natural ingredients, the content of pure black seed oil, stimulates new hair growth to increase your hair volume and to make your hair strong and shiny.  You’ll be tossing your locks in no time !

How can I achieve a healthier Scalp, I hear you ask ?

Simply apply a small amount of mask to your scalp.  I put it on my fingertips and then comb through from the front to the back, at the roots of my hair, when my scalp is covered, I massage it into the scalp.  Let settle for a minimum of 30-60 min.  Ideally, leave overnight, then wash your hair with SLS-free shampoo (ideally Nacomi’s of course) and rinse thoroughly with water.  Use at least twice a week.

Size:  50 ml

Price: € 17.00


Nacomi x

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