Cleansing & Make-up Removal

Makeup Removers 150ml, 400ml
-micellar cleansing water -two-phase makeup remover
-cleansing oil – for normal and combination skin -cleansing oil – for normal and dry skin
Micellar cleansing water – soothing made up with natural ingredients removes makeup and impurities gently and efficiently and provides moisture to your skin. It does not cause skin irritations. Perfect to remove face and eyes make-up.

Micellar Cleansing Water – minimizing pores makes skin pores less visible leaving your skin clean and fresh. Perfect to remove face and eyes make-up.

Two-phase makeup remover allows you to cleanse your skin of impurities and to remove makeup, including waterproof makeup, in a quick and easy way. It has a moisturizing effect too.

Cleansing Oil – This unique blend of precious natural oils effectively and safely
removes makeup and cleanses your skin leaving it properly moisturized. The oil
contains the ideal castor oil content for normal, combination or dry skin.

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