Face Clay Masks

Face clay masks 50ml
-white-black -blue clay -pink clay

Activated charcoal locked in microcapsules effectively removes any skin imperfections. The mask has antibacterial effect, it deeply cleanses the skin, reduces excessive sebum production and tightens the pores. Used on regular basis, it visibly improves the look of acne prone skin. Surprising colour change.

Blue Clay Mask is dedicated to mature and dull skin. Thanks to the content of luxurious cold-pressed Inca Inchi and Marula oils, which are often called the elixirs of youth, this mask fights skin aging to keep the skin youthful look. Its effect is doubled thanks to Ginseng extract with strong anti-aging properties.

Pink Clay Mask offers natural soothing and deeply moisturizing treatment. Perfect for dull skin, help to fight dark circles under your eyes and skin irritation. Together with extracts of aloe, cranberry and rose petals, they improve skin microcirculation and prevent broken capillaries. Pink Clay Mask effectively fights skin irritation, pimples and skin dryness. The rose water base of the mask nourishes the skin and stimulates your senses thanks to its lovely floral perfume.

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