Face & Lip Scrubs

Face & lips scrub 80g
-pina colada

Thanks to the content of sugar and poppy seeds, watermelon cleansing face and lip scrub gently exfoliates dead cells to make your skin smooth and to stimulate its natural renewal processes. Jojoba oil and sweet almond oil provide excellent natural skin care. Surprising texture change.

Pina colada – thanks to the content of sweet almond oil the scrub deeply moisturizes the skin to stimulate its natural renewal processes. Coconut oil restores skin natural lipid barrier to help it regenerate. The fine grains of sand from Bora Bora island mixed with coconut shreds remove dead cells from your face and lips to make them velvety smooth.

Avocado oil nourishes the skin, cocoa butter gives it a strong moisture boost, while cocoa powder, which is stuffed with antioxidants, provides the skin with natural rejuvenation.

Addition of orange essential oil provides refreshment and tones the skin, while combination of three vegetable oils (jojoba, sweet almond & grape seed oil) moisturize it.

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