Sunny Orange Sorbet Set


Body scrub 125g
Body butter 100ml
Sugar face and lip scrub 80g

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Body scrub – Sunny orange sorbet 125g
Scrub away your bad mood with the sweetest orange-scented body scrub to invigorate your skin and lift your spirits. The scrub exfoliates dead skin cells and provides your skin with intense hydration. It makes your skin firm and reduces cellulite so feel free to show off some skin! After rinsing it off You don’t need another lotion!

How to use: Apply the scrub to damp skin and massage until the sugar dissolves, then rinse with water.

Body butter – Sunny orange sorbet 100ml
This deliciously smelling orange body butter is an excellent moisturizer. It nourishes the skin and helps the skin to regenerate while its sweet scent lingers on the skin to indulge your senses. Smooth some over your skin to get rid of cellulite and to enjoy much firmer and smoother skin.

How to use: Warm some butter with your hands, then gently massage into your skin.

Sugar face and lip scrub – Orange 80g
Thanks to the content of sugar and poppy seeds, this cleansing face and lip scrub gently exfoliates dead cells to make your skin smooth and to stimulate its natural renewal processes. Addition of orange essential oil provides refreshment and tones the skin, while combination of three vegetable oils (jojoba, sweet almond & grape seed oil) moisturize it. And the scrub’s amazing change from gel to cream will definitely be a pleasant surprise!

How to use: Apply the necessary amount of scrub to clean face and massage for a while, then rinse with water.


100% Natural

All Individually Hand Made

Hand Made within one month of going on sale

Vegan OK

Nacomi do not use Microbeads

Not Tested on Animals


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